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Aprilskin Mummy Mud Mask

Made with natural mineral-rich Hawaiian Clay formed by volcanic eruptions and Spanish Clay from the Mediterranean Sea; helps improve skin elasticity; penetrates pores to remove toxins and impurities; added mud powder from Korea and Tae-an and Green Tea extracts balance the skin’s oil levels; improves complexion by removing dead skin cells and absorbing sebum; simple and hygienic to use

Aprilskin Mummy Mud Mask

  • Aprilskin Skin Care:

    1. Remove Sebum and Dead Skin Cells

    • Hawiian clay pulls and removes skin impurities from pores and skin.

    2.Natural minerals in Hawaiian clay soften skin and radiant complexion by nourishing skin and removing skin impurities.

    3. Skin Firming

    • Skin Tightens and firms as mud dries gradually.

    4. Hygienic and Easy-to-use

    • innovative mud mask in sheet format is hygienic and easy to use! No more messy clay powder!

    Key Ingredients:

    • Hawaiian Clay

            - Hawaiian clai is from generated volcanic eruption in Hawaii. It contains natural minerals. It genetly removes skin impurities and nourishes skin.

    • Green Tea Extract

            - Protect from environment pollutants and provide moisture.

    • Calendula Flower Extract

            - Revive skin firmness and sooth sensitive and irritated skin.

    • Kaolin

            - Removes wastes from clogged and sebum to provides clear and smooth skin.


    How to Use

    1. Apply on clean face, after toner.
    2. Removes translucent film and apply on top half of the face. Then removes white film.
    3. Apply second piece on bottom half of the face.
    4. Leave mask on for 30mins. Wait until mask dries up.
    5. Gently peel off mask bottom half of the face. Rinse off existing mud on face.

    #Drying time of the mask may be different in individual's skin type.


    Caution when use:

    1. Stop using if following symtoms occur. Continuing in usage may increase symtoms, if so consult a doctor.
    2. If any red spot, swelling, itching, or skin irritation develops.
    3. Caution for storage and treatment.

              - use immediately after opening

              - keep out of reach children

              - avoid storing in high and low temperatures and areas exposed to               direct sunlight.