Aprilskin Turn-Up Color Treatment Peach Pink

The Turn-Up Color Treatment is not a permanent hair dye rather it is a hair treatment. It can be used on a hair that is severely damaged, and cannot be dye anymore. It gives you a vibrant color, nourishment and shine with just one application.

Aprilskin Turn-Up Color Treatment Peach Pink

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  • size: 60ml


    Key Ingredient:

    • Rosemary Extract
    • Lavender Extract 
    • Sage Extract
    • Jojoba Seed Oil



    • Who has damaged hair from series of dying and bleaching but cannot give up on the style.
    • Who wants to change to a different color every 2 weeks.
    • Who wants to nourish and color the hair at the same time.
    • Who wants to create one's unique style by mixing colors.


    Turn-Up Treatment Instruction Tips:


    • If the treatment is used n dark and not dyed hair, it can not be fully tinted as a color you desire.
    • Since the color fades away gradually and naturally, use separate towel and dry throughly after shampoo.
    • If more vibrant color is preferred , apply the Turn-Up Color Treatment on a dry hair.
    • To prevent fading quickly, dry your hair completely after use.
    • Additional conditioner or treatment use a after color treatment is not recommended.
    • It can be easily tinted on skin, so use gloves and gown are strongly recommended.



    How to use 


    1. Wash your hair with shampoo (do not use rinse & treatment)

    2. dry your hair a little bit (not 100%)

    3. Put glove and gown, and then apply appropriate amount of hair treatment

    4. Wait a little bit (for natural tone : 10 minutes, for colorful tone : 20 minutes)

    5. Wash your hair with water only