Magic Snow Cream for White and Clean Complexion. Instant and Natural Whitening Cream.

1. Instant Whitening

    Instantly Whitens skin tone naturally.

2. Functional Whitening

    Whitening effect in long term.

3. Quick Absorbing

    Doesn't smear on clothes


Aprilskin Magic Snow Cream

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  • size: 70ml


    More beautiful, more moisturizing, and long-lasing whitening cream

    1. Naturally and instantly whitens skin tone.

    2. Moisturizing but quickly absorbed texture.

    3. Evenly and thinly applied.

    4. Contains 'niacin amide' for long-term whitening effect.

    5. Excluded harmful ingredients.



    Himalaya Glacier Milk -Himalaya glacier containing minerals such as chlorine, magnesium and zinc which nourish skin with moisture and stimulate effective skin metabolism.



    1. Apply perfect amount of cream gently pat to absorb.

    2. Build on layer for more whiter and brighter skin.



    1. Stop using when following symptoms occur. Continuing in usage may       increase symptoms, if so, consult a doctor.

    2. If Any red spots, swelling, itching, or skin irritation develops.

    3. If Direct sunlight causes irritation.

    4. Do not apply areas with scars, eczema, or dermatitis.

    5. Do not get into eyes, Incase the products get into eyes, rinse out with water.

    6. Use as directed only.

    7. Do not mix the contents with other cosmetics and subtances.

    8. SPF and PA of the product is measured by SPFA-protection effect method, a measurement according to Regulation on Functional Cosmetics Evaluation.

    9. Caution for storage and treatment. 

         1. Close lid after use.

         2. Keep out of reach of children.

         3. Avoiding storing in high and low temperatures and areas exposed to 

             direct sunlight.

         4. Possibility of contamination may exists if displaced contents are 

             replaced back to container.




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